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Swim Smooth Video Analysis Clinic

26-03-17 (Sun): Swim Smooth Video Analysis Clinic

70.3 Ironman Busselton is about one month away. Having tried swimming with the wetsuit, I got concern when I noticed my swim timing for 100m has dropped quite drastically. When Coach Shauqie announce the date of the Swim Smooth Video Analysis Clinic, I did not hesitate and signed up for it. I know that a little correction in swimming stroke can help make a whole lot different in the overall swim timing. I was optimistic that I still have time to make some small corrections.

Swim Smooth Video Analysis Clinic (Itinery)

1. In-Pool Swim Video Recording
The session started off with each of us took turns to swim 100m lap in a steady endurance space. We were being recorded from varies angles; both, above and underwater.

I took the opportunity to have both of my wetsuit and non-wetsuit swim recorded, just to make comparison.

2. Classroom – Swim Video Analysis
After in-pool recording session was done, we move to the classroom for the theory and swim analysis sessions.

This is where the moment of truth is being revealed. Many swimmers probably have their own perception or perceive of how they think they are swimming. However video can never lie.

Two swimmers of different height would have different arm length. Which means no swimmers are alike. To know our potential we should know which swim type we fall into.

The different swim types and progress chart

(Right) Mistake: My catch-up arm pull

In the swim video analysis session, each swimmers were being analysed stroke by strokes and break down to address dead spot and areas that needed to improved. Sample videos of many world top swimmers, open water and to swimming drills were pulled out to help us to have a better visual understanding.

3. In-Pool Hands-On Swim Drills 
After the classroom theory session, we did some hands-on swim drill in the pool; to work on correcting and improving our swimming techniques.

Unco Drill – aid to help swimmer who have imbalance body rotation and breathing bilateral.

I would highly recommend anyone who wish to have a deeper understand on their swimming style or to improve their swimming pace to attend Coach Shauqie’ Swim Smooth Video Analysis Clinic.

For those who signed up for the swim analysis clinic will given a free one month access to Swim Smooth Guru online portal. The portal provides a very comprehensive range of support for every swimmers’ needs. You will gain access to videos of all the swimming drills, and even customised (this is only available for Pro version) training plan, for you to excel in your next big race.

For more information, kindly get in touch with Coach Shauqie Aziz at MySwim Facebook.