After my previous blog has been wiped out, I was obviously devastated as it contained all my triathlon journey and race reports that I wrote for the past 4 years (2014-2018). But sometimes unforeseen circumstances like this is inevitable. It was probably a way of teaching me to move on with life and to start afresh.

Starting a new life and chapter in a new country (now my home) can be a challenge for someone like me who has never lived or studied abroad. The only overseas experience I had was the student exchange program with AFS back in 2003. I was living with an Italian foster family for 2 months in Italy. The experience was initially daunting. I can still remember calling home to my mum after being there for less than a week, wanting to go home because nobody in the small town or home spoke English. I was quite terrified, to be honest. But the overall experience was quite incredible I must say. I had the opportunity to see and experience quite a few places in the South of Italy.

Enough said.

A couple of my friends that have previously followed or read my old blog, suggested that I should use this as a platform for me to express myself. A simple journal.

And so, this is where it all begins.

Hello, world! 🙂

Sunset view at Mount Wellingtons, Hobart. Tasmania, Australia.
Sunset view at Mount Wellingtons, Hobart.
Tasmania, Australia.